Moon Rabbit Studio


Moon Rabbit Studio offers hand-printed and crafted wares decorated with shapes extracted from nature.

We are lovers of mountains and swamps and city creatures with fluttering hearts.

We love to incorporate designs of flora and fauna into our wares to bring the outside in and blend ourselves into organic shapes found in the woods and flowering vines crawling up fences and brick walls. Moon Rabbit Studio also practices eco-friendly product creation; we use water-based inks in our wares and biodegradable printing products. We also offer products made from up-cycled and recycled materials and we recycle production waste.




Ariana Gershman is the owner and creator of

Moon Rabbit Studio.


She is an emerging artist, screen printer, and designer located in Durham, NC. Her apparel designs transpire from her drawings, paintings, and photographs. She takes sections of her work and collages them by hand or on Photoshop. All of her pieces are printed by her at Moon Rabbit Studio.